Facts about FAQ

FAQ means: Frequently Asked Questions


Do naturally occurring statins have side effects?

People tend to think that a natural substance or compound does not produce side effects like those you see with synthetic drugs. This is not the case. Natural statins are no exception. They also have side effects similar to those seen with synthetic statins. However, they are less severe.

How many tolerate naturally occurring statins?

Existing research indicate that more than 90% of individuals given natural occurring statins tolerate them well. Also in statin intolerant persons treatet with natural occurring statins for several weeks approx 90% tolerate them well.

What type of side effects are seen with statins?

Typical side effects of statin therapy include fatigue and muscle pain. They are believed to be an indirect result of the inhibiting effect on mevalonate and, consequently, ubiquinone.

Can I take a natural statin together with prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs?

Cholesterol-lowering drugs should not be taken with a natural statin because it may increase the effect of the medication and raise the risk of unwanted side-effects. If in doubt consult your doctor.

How do I reduce the side effects?

Some doctors reduce the daily dosage to see if it stops the side effects. One may also try shifting from a synthetic statin drug to a natural statin product.

Why does some natural statin products contain ALA?

ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is good for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Adding this natural fatty acid to the preparation helps increase the overall effect.

Is natural occurring statins safe to use during pregnancy?

Natural occurring statins are not recommended during pregnancy. You have to consult a physician.

Is it true that eggs are “cholesterol bombs”?

You often hear physicians instruct patients with elevated cholesterol levels to limit their intake of eggs, simply because they have a higher cholesterol content than other foods. However research have shown that eating eggs do not elevate cholesterol levels significantly.